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“Working With People You Trust”

Our mission is to bring holistic planning to working class American families. The high net worth – people with $10 million, $20 million, and more – have always had access to holistic planning with the attorney, the financial advisor, the stock broker, the insurance agents, and the accountant collaborating on their behalf. But the working-class people who have needed it the most have primarily been served by sales people selling investments, annuities, REITs, trusts, wills, and tax returns. All have been sold products and services that are not tied together in a holistic plan. Our mission is to change that and provide our clients the same concierge level of service that was previously only reserved for the ultra-wealthy.

Since 1987, the Wink family has been assisting individual and corporate clients find solutions to their retirement and financial planning needs. While we have the resources of a large investment company, we are a family business and always want our clients to feel at home! We take great pride in what we do and fully appreciate the process of helping our clients pursue and maintain financial security.

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