Automobile & Homeowners Insurance

Typically auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance rates change from year to year. Different companies offer different discounts at different ages.  Because of this, you should check around for the best coverage and the cheapest rate concerning your auto and homeowner’s insurance once a year.

You should also consider what coverage you currently own and if it is appropriate or not. Many insurance companies are going to sell you what makes them money, not necessarily what is in YOUR best interest.

Is your auto liability currently at 100,000 / 300,000? If so, you are likely underinsured.  Do you have the appropriate uninsured motorist coverage? Which deductible is the most cost effective? Do you need an umbrella policy and where can you save money in your plan? These are questions you need to ask your insurance agent and this is why we became licensed in property & casualty insurance, so we can help our clients save money and obtain the appropriate coverage.

Meet Rick Thompson

As independents, Lottie M Schmidt & Thompson Insurance Agency does not work for any one insurance company; they represent several companies in hopes of finding you the best rates and coverage. They are a full line agency and provide coverage for everything from auto and homeowners to business and workers compensation insurance. They have agreed to take extra special care of all Summit Financial clients and referrals. Simply ask for Veronica or Rick and let them know we referred you.

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