Summit Absolutes

We are an independent, private, family owned investment firm (there are no Wall Street firms, insurance companies, or banks attached to us telling us what to do).

Customer service is our #1 one priority.  It is always disciplined and based on our client’s preferences.

• We are a Registered Investment Advisory Firm in the State of Michigan. Being an RIA we have a fiduciary responsibility for our clients and are required to do what is in their best interest not just what is suitable. It’s a huge difference!

• We prepare a complete Financial Plan for our clients based on facts (not opinions). We don’t put fancy numbers on a dry erase board; our recommendations are in writing on the financial plan!

• Our focus is on what is best for our clients, not what is best for our commissions. A lot of people don’t realize how much discretion investment advisers have when it comes to their commission. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes before we make any recommendations.

• We make certain the most important parts of our client’s estates have been addressed and that their hopes, wants, and needs have been thoroughly discussed as we examine our 13 Wealth Management Issues document.

• Word of mouth is the biggest advocate for running our business and has been for more than 33 years.

• No member of our team has ever had a mediation, arbitration, or lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission, FINRA, the State of Michigan, or any broker dealer.

Financial Advisors with a Fiduciary Responsiblity

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