Meet Robert Wink

Robert Wink

Robert “Bob” Wink is the Co-Founder and Owner of Summit Financial Consulting, LLC, a holistically run financial planning practice in Sterling Heights, Michigan. He began his career as a Mechanical Engineer in the automotive field, eventually advancing to the role of Assistant Project Manager. In 1987, he decided to switch careers to financial planning, an area that had interested him since his college days.

Bob has always enjoyed teaching clients and colleagues, both young and old, the finer points of financial planning, and equally importantly – how to service clients. Over the course of more than three decades in the business, Bob has impacted countless lives and has been able to pass on his wealth of knowledge, work ethic, and client-first mentality to his sons, Ken and Jim. The pride and satisfaction he derives from establishing his highly successful family-owned financial planning practice and working with his sons on a daily basis have surpassed all his expectations. Bob has no plans to retire at this time, as he thoroughly enjoys the work he does.

Leveraging his three decades of knowledge, Bob now contributes to articles to help everyday people understand complex financial topics. He truly enjoys helping people and aims to empower others with the knowledge to navigate their financial future with confidence.

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