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Navigating the Market Amidst Conflicting Data

In January, we received the latest inflation report, which showed that Core inflation, which is of particular interest to the Federal Reserve, increased by 0.3% in December and 5.7% over the past year. Services inflation came in year over year at 6.1%, which is still high, but lower than the 8.5% three months ago.

Researchers at Goldman Sachs recently published a note titled: “Getting worse before getting better” when describing the housing market. They downgraded their prediction, saying that housing prices will fall 6.1% nationally in 2023. Last week we received some troubling house data: Sales of existing single-family homes have decreased 26.6% since December 2021.  


Our Approach for the Future

Santa Claus did not arrive in December, as the S&P 500 was negative 6.3%. The Nasdaq was down 8.73%, while our daily actively managed portfolios were actually positive. We encourage you to look at your year-end statements to see the overall performance and call us if you’d like to discuss it.

In January, the stock market indexes were positive, but most of our portfolios were negative. When looking at the overall picture, we believe the stock market is overbought in the short term and is overdue for a drop, so we positioned to profit from a drop the same way we did in December. That predicted drop has not occurred yet. We have a research indicator that predicts recessions. While past performance cannot predict future performance, the indicator flashed that a recession is coming, and in the past, it has a 100% hit rate.


A Look at Our Investment Toolbox

As you know, we have many tools in our toolbox, including the ability to purchase investments that profit when the stock market goes down and flip back to normal stock-based investments if we think the market is heading up. After a short-term drop occurs, we will consider removing our hedges, buying stocks/stock ETF’s, and aligning with the market again.

Our ultimate goal is to make money, so we’re using what we believe to be all the appropriate tools in our toolbox to accomplish that goal potentially. We are always trying to improve, so we’ve made some changes to our research company lineup and plan to continue to improve our processes to help ensure potentially better performance this year moving forward. We aim to profit from the environment and watch inflation, the Ukraine war, the Federal Reserve, corporate earnings, and the markets like a hawk. This is why we manage our active portfolios daily. 


Financial Review for 2023: Schedule a Meeting Today

We’d love to have a review meeting with you to discuss investments, retirement income planning, college planning for kids or grandkids, tax preparation, health insurance, including Medicare supplemental and prescription drug plans, and various other financial planning topics. Please contact our office at (586) 226-2100 to schedule a meeting today!


Keep Us Informed of Financial Changes

If you’ve had any changes to your income, job status, marital status, retirement income planning, 401K options, address, or any other financial changes, please get in touch with us right away. We hope you and your family have an excellent, safe, and healthy start to 2023!  


Happy New Year again to you and your family! 


Kenneth Wink

with contributions from Robert Wink, James Wink, Zachary Bachner, and James Baldwin


Ken Wink is the Co-Founder and Chief Compliance Officer of Summit Financial Consulting, LLC. With over two decades of experience in the financial services industry, he is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about explaining complex financial concepts in understandable terms. Ken writes articles geared towards conveying financial topics in clear, straightforward language, making them accessible to everyday people.